Communication Training

Communication Training

These courses provide essential English training for anyone who needs to communicate more effectively in English in their working and daily lives. Courses are carefully constructed to achieve the learning goals of the individual student. One to one tuition is offered via »Skype Interactive Video, or if you prefer to study with audio on your own, try the »Audio Study Zone, an access based learning resource offering instantly accessible voice warm up, articulation, communication and pronunciation exercises in British or American English.

Syllabuses are created from a selection of the following elements depending on the learner:

  • Dealing with colleagues and clients: improve your day-to-day communication skills.
  • Meeting skills: including asking for/giving opinions, interrupting/double checking, proposals etc.
  • Telephoning skills: improve confidence, fluency and listening skills over the telephone.
  • Negotiation skills: develop your confidence and techniques in negotiating.
  • Pronunciation and speech intonation: improve your pronunciation, rhythm and tone when speaking English.
  • Giving presentations and short talks: get your message across with an effective choice of words and grammar.
  • Formal and informal English styles: including colloquial English for conversation.
  • Grammar in a business context: improve your business grammar.
  • Listening skills: improve your understanding of fast spoken English.
  • Reading and summarising business materials: expand your vocabulary in business and current affairs.
  • Writing skills: improved writing of reports, letters and e-mails.
  • A new practice MP3 file for each exercise covered in the lesson,  lesson so you can repeat them as often as you wish.

“I had 10 one to one sessions with Lindsey that were just phenomenal. She had a very good approach on showing me what I was doing wrong through exercises that I could observe the proper way of speaking English. My business vocabulary was enhanced and my gravitas improved – which was essential for my career development. Practising and listening how native speakers say / act, it was easier to improve my overall skills and achieve another level in my business English.” Marcelo Sanjuan, Advisory Senior Manager, London

“I had 3 months of one-to-one lessons with Lindsey in 2006, which turned out very rewarding. I’m not naturally a quick language learner and have some bad habits from the past. Although I’ve been taught English in school for many years, I still couldn’t get hold of the proper way of English speaking. As known, bad habits are hard to break. Lindsey however was not only very patient to correct me every time but also very professionally and preciously pointed out the mistakes, which I’ve been very grateful about. Although inevitably the lessons came to an end, I still remember her comments and put those tips into practice every day. I hope her teaching will be beneficial to anyone who is like me and being struggling to improve their English speaking but can’t find a good tutor.” Longchaun Xu, UBS, London

Tuition: 8 + sessions 3 – 7 sessions 1 session
30 minutes £30 / session £32 / session £34
1 hour £44 / session £47 / session £49