English Conversation at DailyStep English

English Conversation at DailyStep English

Take steps in improving your English speaking skills with DailyStep English Audio Courses. Are you a non-native English speaker or /and learner of English? Do you find it easy to read English but difficult to speak spontaneously and listen? Do you need to improve spontaneous English conversation skills?

DailyStep offers interactive audio courses tailored to English learners of all levels in both British and American English. In DailyStep courses you will learn with natural dialogues to develop fluency and spontenaity in English Conversation skills. Develop your speaking, listening and understanding while mirroring and practicing speech rhythm and pronunciation of native speakers. Like to try DailyStep’s multi-functional interactive audio materials?

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“I have been studying English Pronunciation at the Voice Cafe for 3 months and wanted to further expand my skills with an advanced English conversation and listening course. So Lindsey at the Voice Cafe recommended I try Jane’s website at DailyStep English, so I became a member and signed up for the level 5. After a month of joining DailyStep English, I must say I’m so happy I found Jane’s website! Her lessons are exactly what I need to improve my listening skills both in British and in American English. Through every day life dialogues, I can learn a lot of new words and idiomatic expressions of the real language spoken among people in the streets, at work or at home. I discovered many terms I’ve never heard before, although I spent so much money on expensive and boring courses! By the way, the prices are so affordable, that you can buy a lesson for what you would spend for a breakfast with coffee and croissant… I couldn’t be more satisfied…Jane, my congratulations!!”

Silvia Cavagnola, Turin, Italy