Accent & Dialect Training For Actors

Accent & Dialect Training For Actors

This tuition is for actors who need to deliver a strong, confident and spontaneous performance in an accent different from their own. Each course is tailor made to suit the needs and level of the individual learner. Different techniques work better with different learners and the optimum one will be used to help you reach your goals. Practice and ear-training is done with native speaker examples, along with a phonetic analysis of the accent being studied, voice placement, intonation and rhythm.
Accent coaching is offered via »Skype Interactive Video / Zoom, or if you prefer to study on your own, try the »Audio Study Zone, an access based learning resource offering instantly accessible studies in up to 20 accents of English, with native speaker recordings in male and female voices in each accent.

  • Acquire skills for mastering accents of English: develop techniques to help you master the sound, rhythm and tone of an accent.
  • Phonetically based tuition: your accent coach will guide you through a detailed phonetic breakdown of the accent you wish to learn compared with your own.
  • British English Received Pronunciation, General American, Australian and more: feel more confident to be able to produce an accent on demand.
  • Vocal agility exercises: exercise the speech muscles required for the overall voice quality of your target accent.
  • Confidence building: work with a variety of script and dialogue material for further practice.
  • Audio homework after each lesson: a new practice MP3 file after each lesson so you can repeat the lesson as often as you wish.


Britsh Accents: Received Pronunciation 1 (RP Modern), Received Pronunciation 2 (RP Traditional), London Accent (General), East London Accent (Cockney), Irish Accent, Northern Irish Accent, Welsh Accent, Scottish Accent, Newcastle Accent (Geordie), Liverpool Accent (Scouse), Manchester Accent (Mancunian)

American Accents: General American Accent, Southern Californian Accent, New York Accent (Bronx), North-East Coast Accent, Deep South Accent (rhotic)

Canadian Accent: Canadian Accent (Western Alberta)

Australian Accent: Melbourne Accent

New Zealand Accent: Auckland Accent

Non-Native Accents: French Accent, Indian Accent, Brazilian Accent

‘I came to Lindsey having spent two years trawling around London searching high and low for a dialect coach that a) had time and wasn’t away on jobs much of the time (Lindsey coaches via Skype and is accessible from anywhere) and b) had a technique or way of teaching that ACTUALLY worked. I had been sent to all sorts of people by different film production companies, theatres, the BBC etc. and had never found someone that I thought I’d use forever – for any accent or job. However, meeting Lindsey totally changed this. She is an extraordinary teacher – totally thorough, always kind, supportive and attentive, and just brilliant at what she does. The Voice Café is an amazing audio tool – and something, like Lindsey herself, you can access wherever you are in the world, any time or place. I have seen Lindsey for a year now, and have recommended her to many other actors and agents – with one top agent at WME in LA calling me to say his client had wished he had seen her earlier because she had ‘changed his career’. I could not possibly recommend her more highly, particularly to actors that, like me, have despaired at the lack of quality dialect coaching out there. Lindsey is absolutely, 100 percent the answer to that.’

Vanessa Kirby, Actress

“I have worked with Lindsey on various projects and in my opinion it is the best experience one can have in working with a dialect coach. Not only is she extremely skilled in various dialects, but her techniques and her extensive website make learning a new accent easier than it should be. The benefits of being able to work on Skype with Lindsey are endless. I have often had sessions in my trailer before going on set or at home before rushing to an audition. Knowing that I have that safety net quite literally at my fingertips is a great comfort when preparing for a role.”

Christian Cooke, Actor

Tuition: 8 + sessions 3 – 7 sessions 1 session
30 minutes £31 / session £33 / session £35
1 hour £45 / session £48 / session £50

*Please note: certain accents requiring special research prior to your project may be priced differently.