Phonetics for Singers

Phonetics for Singers

This training is aimed non-native speakers of English who plan to record their lyrics in English and wish to work on their pronunciation and rhythm. As in any language, English has its own particular rhythm and you can learn how to use it to maximise the overall sound of your lyrics. At the same time you can choose how much of the character of your own native accent in your English lyrics you wish to retain. Certain subtle phonetic processes, such as the way words link together, are always at work in speech and singing. Your use of these, among other features, can affect the way your lyrics blend with the music. Learn how to create a more professional overall sound by making use of these processes. One to one tuition is offered via »Skype Interactive Video, or if you prefer to study with audio on your own, try the »Audio Study Zone, our access based learning resource

  • Breakdown of English phonetic system: how it differs from your own accent.
  • Rhythmic processes of English speech and their effects on speech and singing: learn how to maxamise your use of these in your music.
  • Word linking: processes of how words border with each other and how to successfully apply this in your lyrics English vowel and consonant sounds: identify which ones present you with problems and learn how to correct them.
  • Vocal agility exercises: exercise the facial muscles required for English speech and singing.
  • Lyric style: make sure your lyrics are worded in the best possible style for English so as to reach optimum expression for what you want to say.
  • Practice mp3 files after each lesson:  so you can review the exercises covered in each class as often as you wish.

“I was needing some help with my American accent for the recording of some songs that a producer sent me and I contacted Lindsey to help me as I knew she would do it great. Well, the result was amazing and she even passed me a recording with herself saying the lyrics with the American accent so if I had any doubt I could listen to it! She works in a very effective way and she realises which are the problems of each person and gets focused in what you really need, which is clue especially if you need to sing and record! Thanks a lot, Lindsey!”

Sara Rioja, Singer.

Tuition: 8 + sessions 3 – 7 sessions 1 session
30 minutes £30 / session £32 / session £34
1 hour £44 / session £47 / session £49