Vowels a, u, e in cat, cut, get


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Vowels a, u, e in cat, cut, get
Vowels a, u, e in cat, cut, get

Sound 1; short sound
cat, sand, bad, bat, lack. pan, ban, fan, marry, tax, match, haven’t, cab, sad, happy, apple, thank, Manchester, arrow, cash, cancel, fantastic, plastic, drastic, plait.
Spelling: (a, ai)

Sound 2; long sound
cut, cup, but, luck, pun, fun, Murray, tuck, much, sun, son, money, one, London, thorough, come, income, other, tough, southern, country, flood, does.

Sound 3; long sound
get, kept, send, bed, bet, pen, Ben, fen, merry, twenty, very, berry, pleasant, steady, ready, head, whether, any, Thames, says, said, friend, Leicester, bury.

Compare sounds 1 & 2

bat – but – bet, sand – sunned – send,  marry – Murray – merry. 

  • There’s just too much tax on too many men.
  • Can you let me some money to send to my brother?
  • The berries were buried under the fence.
  • Murray’s getting married in Manley on Monday.
  • The other one is much more thorough, Anna.

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