Learn the Southern Californian accent. American accent audio resources with native speakers


Listen below

Step 1 –  FREE TRIAL
Voice Placement: Put on headphones & speak simultaneously with this short clip of a native speaker. Note the jaw aperture, the relative tension in the tongue & lips.

“Oh there you are. I was starting to wonder what had happened to you. Luckily I had a book on me to pass the time. Anyway, even if we do get there a little / bit late, no one’s going to notice, you think / mind much, are they?”

Step 2 –  (FULL MEMBERS’ area) Ear train with the phonetic sounds of the West Coast (American) accent. Test and record yourself

Step 3 – Word linking is essential, as it facilitates a smoother speech flow.

Step 4 – Practise with monologues for sound, rhythm and tone.

Step 5 – Test again with monologues, and if not satisfied, repeat above steps.

If you wish to learn the West Coast American accent, the most useful pages are those indicated above. Bookmark this page, then if you wish, SET OTHER LEARNING GOALS