Recommended exercises to reduce mumbling and speak more clearly

When you mumble it can be a signal to others that you prefer not to communicate. If you would like to change this, you could check the below points before trying these exercises.


Check List: 
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  • How do I feel about myself? You might want to boost yourself esteem as there is no reason why people should not want to listen to you.
  • How do I feel about what I am saying? It is important that you have integrity and believe in what you are saying, in order for others to pay attention.
  • When you are in a presentation situation, try to focus on connecting with your audience. Practice eye contact and positive communication with others by smiling and open body language; no folded arms etc. Notice how people react to you. You will soon find that people will react positively towards you and you can gain self confidence from this.
  • Say a small part of your presentation out loud before you start. This can dampen nerves and also give you a head start in warming up your voice. Keep moving, but don’t shuffle around. Check that you do not overstretch your legs when you speak as this will make your whole body stiff. Aim for flexible bounce in your knees and a flexible unclenched jaw.
  • Too low pitch typically goes hand in hand with tension in the throat, which can be stress related. It is a good idea to look at how you use your body generally especially focusing on tensions and how you breathe. Make sure you have mastered the »breathing exercises in Voice FAQ 1 trying the exercises below.
  • You can practise communication at home by standing in front of a mirror and introducing yourself to your own mirror image. For example: "Hi, my name is... I am really pleased to meet you! I work in the personnel department, dealing with contracts. How about you?” You can also practice your presentation in this way, and it can give you tremendous reassurance on the day that you have practised it in this way.
  • From a voice perspective there are several exercises which can help you speak more clearly. Sometimes when we are under pressure the voice can seem hard and inflexible when we use it. Therefore anything which can relax you and make you soften physically in your entire body will help. If feel you need help with this you can try the exercises above.  

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