Recommended exercises to improve use of body language in speech

It is important to clarify that you cannot “slap on body language” as if it were paint. Your body will naturally express who you are and how you are.


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If you feel your voice sounds lifeless or boring, it is perhaps worth checking how you feel about yourself and about what you are communicating. In most cases a dynamic and energetic tone of voice will come naturally when you feel positive and confident about yourself and what you are communicating. Sometimes just being conscious of trying to communicate in a more dynamic and positive way can help in itself and also boost your confidence.

Open posture is important. Remember not to fold your arms, keep your shoulders relaxed and down, spine and head upright and aligned, equally distributed eye contact with your audience and a friendly, smiling face. You want to reach out to and engage your audience, speaking to them from the heart.

Exercise: Try to communicate positive messages to others and deliver these with real enthusiasm. Once you have become conscious of the dynamic flow of these, try to use more energy when you speak in general.

E.g. “Oh, you look very nice in that top, the colour really suits you!” This can be transferred to: “It would be really good if we could get that report finished tomorrow, it would be nice to get it all done and dusted”.

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