Recommended voice exercises to slow down speech and pause correctly

If you feel you are running out of breath when presenting, it is typically because you are speaking too quickly and do not allow yourself to take breaks to breathe. It can be worth checking the reason(s) for this:

  • Are you nervous?
  • Afraid people will get bored?
  • Eager to get the presentation over with?
  • Once you know the reason it is worth challenging yourself: What would happen if you slowed down?.


Tips: Slowing down speech
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People need much more time to process what you are saying than you need to say it! Think about that what you say is news to them, but you know it already, so it might be boring to you, but not to them. By slowing down you will do your audience a real favour because you will give them time to process what you are saying. It is when you speak too quickly that people can’t follow you, and that can cause frustration and in the end, lack of interest.

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