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A take on Canadian Accents - by Canadian Linguist Kelsey Flynn

The Canadian accent seems to often appear in media as either non-existant, or it’s so over generalized that it’s comical. And while it’s almost true that we say “eh?” as much as the stereotype, there are a few points that distinguish the Canadian accent in its sound and its history from other English-speaking accents.

Stepping West - the story of the General American accent

When asked, “What is the General American accent?” some Americans might reply “Sorry? Is there such a thing?”. Others might reply “Well, the accent with no regional origin, the newsreaders accent" or “standard American”. One of the most fascinating things about accents is tracing their history and looking at the story of how they could possibly have come to be. So does a 'neutral’ accent with no regional origin mean a 'storyless' accent?

RP: A popular British accent with very few native speakers

So what is it about RP?
It is the British accent that is most commonly taught to non-native speakers, as well as being considered a ‘must have’ accent on any actor's profile in order for them to get mainstream work in the UK. Yet staggeringly only around 5% of the British population are native RP speakers.

The 'oldest' English dialect?

With it’s singing, swinging upbeat rhythm and distinctive sound patters, the Geordie accent and dialect owes much of its uniqueness to its preservation of many historical features that have been long since dropped by most other accents of English. It is in fact the most direct continuous evolution of the Anglo-Saxon language that can be found in the British Isles, the dialect still being strongly influenced by the language spoken by Anglo-Saxons who settled in the area in the 5th century.

The Voice behind the Voice Cafe

Welcome to the Voice Café blog! I am absolutely delighted to launch a blog, as I believe it is time to put a voice behind the Voice Café and give my members and interested readers more information about what the Voice Café is all about. And of course, it is nice to let you all know who I am and why I am so passionate about accents and communication.