Acting & Audition Training

Acadamey Award winning actress Juliet Aubrey offers film, TV and theatre acting tuition via Skype interactive video. Juliet can help you develop your acting skills and tackle auditions with more confidence and precision. Juliet trained at Central School of Speech and Drama, and then went on to win a BAFTA for Best TV Actress in 1995 for her role as Dorothea in the BBC series Middlemarch. Since then she has worked extensively across film, TV and theatre, appearing in many critically acclaimed pieces: Welcome to Sarajevo, The Constant Gardener and Iris, among others.

"Script analysis and the process of building a character are passions of mine. My aim is to enable people to work from a place of relaxation and uninhibited creativity whatever the situation"

  • Audition preparation: Learn to overcome nerves and tackle oncoming auditions with confidence and precision.
  • Monologue selection: Choosing the right monologue; what to take into account.
  • Text / script analysis: how to unlock, interpret and apply the text.
  • Building a character: Unravel the complexities that make up a person and apply them creatively in your acting.
  • Emotional preparation: Development of emotional connection with your character.
  • Physical work: Body language, gait, how to present yourself.
  • Vocal work: Accents, speech patterns, vocal technique, tuning the instrument and building vocal stamina.
  • Dialect coaching: How to connect your character emotionally to an accent and learn its phonetic, tonal and placement structure.
  • Sight reading and interview techniques: Learn to apply these under the high pressure of last minute auditions.
  • Techniques for memorising text: Reduce the possibility of forgetting your lines under pressure.
  • Confidence building: Relaxation exercises and techniques for controlling and channelling nerves
  • Showreels: Help with scene/ montage selection and order.
  • Business presentation training: Learn to use acting techniques to conduct a successful presentation.
Tuition:1 session
1 hour £58