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Uh huh. The schwa / ə /. Great starting point for learning accents

Ever watched a film or play where the accent is really good but somehow not quite right? Often it&rs  Read More

How not to typecast an accent.

(#The sounds) (#The sounds) (#sounds) Listen below (#The sounds)   Read More

The Brazilian Accent of English

Going from the north to the south of the biggest nation in South America, you really   Read More

Stepping West - the story of the General American accent

(#dark l) When asked, “What is the General American accent?” some Americans might re  Read More

A popular British accent with very few native speakers

So what is it about RP? It is the British accent that is most commonly taught to non-native spe  Read More

The 'oldest' English dialect?

With it’s singing, swinging upbeat rhythm and distinctive sound patters, the Geordie accen  Read More

Learning an accent as a non-native speaker

So what does it take to learn an accent as a non-native speaker? When we hear new sound pattern  Read More

The voice behind the Voice Cafe

Welcome to the Voice Café’s very new and exciting blog! I am absolutely delighted t  Read More

New Website for Students

The Voice Cafe is proud to introduce the newly redesigned website for audio lessons. The Aud  Read More