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Agreeing / Disagreeing - Free trial page

*words/syllables that are normally »stressed in speech are underlined.

Strong agreement




I completely agree with you

I couldn’t agree more

I totally agree



I agree entiely with your point of view

*You’re dead right there






I think you’re right

I agree

I think we’re in agreement on that


Weak agreement




I suppose that’s true

You could be right



I’m would tend to agree with you on that





I wouldn’t like to say

I can’t say at this stage

I can see it from both sides

Expressing reservations




Exactly, but don’t you think that...

I can see your point of view but...

You have a point there but...

I can see what you mean but...






I’m afraid I can’t go along with you on that

I’m sorry but I don’t agree

Actually, I can’t agree with you on that

We’ll have to agree to differ


Strong disagreement 




I totally disagree

Under no circumstances could I agree to that

*Come off it (very informal)

*No way (informal)

To be quite frank, I totally disagree

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