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Voice placement:  There is a distinctly frontal placement in the Irish accent, with a lot of tension around the teeth, especially where they border with the gums, as well as tension in the lips. It is helpful to imagine you are trying to hold a small vertical object upright between the upper and lower gum where it borders with the teeth (just imagine, do not try incase of swallowing risk) You will find that to keep in pace with the native speaker the sounds and speech will feel 'penned in' to a certain area in the mouth. Factors to consider are: degree of nasality, tension in the tongue, as well as lip tension, jaw aperture and mobility. 

"Oh there you are. I was starting to wonder what had happened to you. Luckily I had a book on me to pass the time. Anyway, even if we do get there a bit late, no one’s going to mind much, are they?"

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Step 2 (full members area) -  Ear train with the phonetic sounds of Irish. Test and record yourself 





All sounds 

Step 3 (full members area) - Listen to monologues in the Irish accent,  repeat, put headphones on & talk simultaneously with the speaker. Record yourself,  try to identify the sounds you get wrong, & if the voice is correctly 'placed'

Monologue 1


Monologue 3


Monologue 5


Monologue 7


Monologue 2


Monologue 4


Monologue 6


Monologue 8

Step 4 (full members area)- Detailed sound studies and word linking

4a - Linking words in the Irish accent

Linking 'r'


Linking consonants

Linking vowels

4b - Irish Vowels & diphthongs

 a / ar


 ee / i


 u / o


ur /or

u / oo


a / u / e


o /our


ow/ aw 

ai / i


o /ear


ei/ e / a


es /ers

eer /ar


our / ore


o /or


oy /or

4c - Irish Consonants

 l / dark l


 m / n / ng


y / no y


h / no h

r /l / t 


 th/ t/ d / z

w / v


ch / j / s


 k / g/ ng


 p / b / f / v


n / l / l


l / d / th

Step 5 -Test again with monologues, and if not satisfied, repeat above steps.