Learn the Deep South American accent, Deep South accent resources with native speakers

Step 1; free trial                      

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Find the placement: Put on headphones and speak simultaneously with this short clip with the native speaker. Note the jaw aperture, tension in the tongue & lips, degree of nasality. 

"Oh there you are. I was starting to wonder what had happened to you. Luckily I had a book on me to pass the time. Anyway, even if we do get there a bit late, no one’s going to mind much, are they?"

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Step 2 (full members area) -  Ear train with the phonetic sounds of Deep South. Test and record yourself 





All sounds 

Step 3 - Listen to Deep South monologues,  repeat, put headphones on & talk simultaneously with the speaker. Record yourself,  try to identify the sounds you get wrong, & if the voice is correctly 'placed'

Monologue 1


Monologue 3


Monologue 5


Monologue 7


Monologue 2


Monologue 4


Monologue 6


Monologue 8

Step 4 - Detailed sound studies and word linking

4a - Linking words in Deep South accent

Linking 'r'


Linking consonants

Linking vowels

Step 5 -Test again with monologues, and if not satisfied, repeat above steps.