Recipes for optimum energy

"Exercise is king, nutrition is queen. Put them together and you've got a kingdom"   Jack LaLanne  lived to 96:  
Types of food, depending on whether inflammatory or anti-inflammatory could help create the wrong PH in your body and have a negative effect on the voice.

 Mayumi's Kitchen       Just Bento    Simply Japanese
Try Mayumi Nishimura's
macrobiotic recipes for
just a week and you'll feel
the difference. Her recipes
balance the PH in the body,
optimising nutrition and
energy. Mayumi worked
as chef to the whole crew
on Madonna's Drowned
World tour, and also as
the singer's private chef.
Tired of sandwiches?
Bento is a great, easy 
nutritious alternative, 
providing a delicious
and energy sustaining
lunch on a busy day.
Bento is the traditional
Japanese packed lunch
'on the go'. Like to try?
Makiko Itoh'sbook is
a great start!
This traditional Japanese
cookbook by Yoko Arimoto 
is a good introduction for 
anyone wanting to cook
Japanese at home. Japan 
is the country with the
highest life expectancy,
which speaks  a lot for the
national cuisine. Try the
nutritious, energising 
recipes in Simply Japanese!

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