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"I approached Lindsey to help me with my R.P. (Received Pronunciation), as I am a professional actress, trained in South Africa, where R.P. is not part of the course. With Lindsey's help I have managed to master R.P. - which I originally thought would be one of my biggest obstacles in trying to pursue my theatre career here in the UK. Thanks to Lindsey I was wrong. I have since played a number of strong roles on the London stage - most of them in R.P."
Lizanne Tulip, Actress

'I came to Lindsey having spent two years trawling around London searching high and low for a dialect coach that a) had time and wasn’t away on jobs much of the time (Lindsey coaches via Skype and is accessible from anywhere) and b) had a technique or way of teaching that ACTUALLY worked. I had been sent to all sorts of people by different film production companies, theatres, the BBC etc. and had never found someone that I thought I’d use forever – for any accent or job. However, meeting Lindsey totally changed this. She is an extraordinary teacher – totally thorough, always kind, supportive and attentive, and just brilliant at what she does. The Voice Café is an amazing tool - and something, like Lindsey herself, you can access wherever you are in the world, any time or place. I have seen Lindsey for a year now, and have recommended her to many other actors and agents – with one top agent at WME in LA calling me to say his client had wished he had seen her earlier because she had ‘changed his career’. I could not possibly recommend her more highly, particularly to actors that, like me, have despaired at the lack of quality dialect coaching out there. Lindsey is absolutely, 100 percent the answer to that.'
Vanessa Kirby, Actress

"I have worked with Lindsey on various projects and in my opinion it is the best experience one can have in working with a dialect coach. Not only is she extremely skilled in various dialects, but her techniques and her extensive website make learning a new accent easier than it should be.
The benefits of being able to work on Skype with Lindsey are endless. I have often had sessions in my trailer before going on set or at home before rushing to an audition. Knowing that I have that safety net quite literally at my fingertips is a great comfort when preparing for a role."

Christian Cooke, Actor

"I had 10 one to one sessions with Lindsey that were just phenomenal. She had a very good approach on showing me what I was doing wrong through exercises that I could observe the proper way of speaking English. My business vocabulary was enhanced and my gravitas improved - which was essential for my career development. Practising and listening how native speakers say / act, it was easier to improve my overall skills and achieve another level in my business English.""    

Marcelo Sanjuan, Advisory Senior Manager

"Studying dialects with Lindsey was fantastic. After each lesson, she gave me exercises so I could go off and study on my own, which meant I improved very quickly. I'm an American Voice-Over artist living in London - one of the biggest dangers is that my voice becomes too "mid-Atlantic" - but by knowing the proper placements and gaining the awareness I did, I'm able to keep my sound purer. On top of all that Lindsey is just a delightful person to work with!"
Jennifer Ward, Voice-Over artist

"My name is Leone Giacosa and I am an Italian dentist specialist orthodontist. I moved to London in 2001. I deal with patients on a daily basis and I’ve always felt not at ease when they could not completely understand me because of my heavy Italian accent. My grammar has always been quite good but I had to improve the rhythm of my speech and refine the pronunciation of words. In 2008 a friend of mine introduced me to Lindsey as she really helped him in improving his R.P. English. So I started my lessons with her on Skype on a weekly basis. Since then I can genuinely tell my pronunciation and elocution have much improved. It’s not only a matter of feeling more confident but I’m aware of how my patients can understand me better without mentioning the improvement my friends have noticed. And it’s all due to a combination of hard work from me and a great help from Lindsey. She has a huge experience and she was able, from our first lesson, to focus her tuition on the real problems." 

Dr Leone Giacosa DDS,MOrth

"Every actor looks forward to getting an audition. But sometimes that audition will be for a Geordie social worker who's just had a stroke or a Mexican cleaner with a lisp. Whenever I have an accent to prepare I call Lindsey at the Voice Cafe for a Skype session, any time, any place. Lindsey's technique uses diagrams of the mouth, recordings of native speakers and practise of certain pronunciations. I love working with Lindsey because she tailors the session to my particular needs as an actor and always sends me the recordings to keep"
Sarah Solemani, Actress

'I met Lindsey in London and we started face-to-face lessons but we couldn't carry on so she suggested that I try Skype lessons instead. I confess that I was very reluctant about it initially and it took a while before I decided to try. I wasn't sure whether it would be as effective and my main concerns were about not being properly heard by Lindsey or having difficulty in learning and understanding her points. Now I'm glad decided to try as I can say that Skype lessons are just as effective as face-to-face lessons, and there are no learning differences at all! In fact I found it very good for improving pronunciation as the communication with Lindsey on Skype was purely based on the sounds of words, whereas when we are face-to-face we are always helped by body language. In Skype she could hear my mistakes clearly and help me to correct them. It also has the big advantage of saving commuting time and allowing us more time for practicing and studying. Not to mention we can guarantee a positive learning environment and not being interrupted. It is so much more convenient that I really recommend it to anyone.'
Adriana Moura, Advisory Consultant, London

"After the following a speech and presentation course with Lindsey I now have more confidence to communicate and give formal speeches in English."
Alexander Chepurin, Ambassador, Russian Embassy, Copenhagen

"Lindsey Lawson is an excellent accent tutor. I've had many sessions with her and found them to be thoroughly enjoyable, encouraging and technically very specific and to the point. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services"
Jenny Evans, Actress, London

"I found Lindsey to be an amazing voice coach"
Hana Christie, Lawyer, London

"I am born and bred in HK and moved to London few years ago. While I was living in HK, no one mentioned that my English was not clear, maybe everyone there is speaking English with a Chinese accent. At the beginning in the UK, I found that my colleagues always asked me "pardon", especially in telephone conversations, so I realised that I needed to improve my English pronunciation.
I am really glad that I found Lindsey as my teacher. Lindsey is very patient and she has a systematic approach to teaching pronunciation. She understands my weaknesses in pronouncing certain words and helps me to correct those mistakes. I have joined group classes on English pronunciation before but it cannot compare to what Lindsey teaches me.
Now I seldom hear my colleagues asked me "pardon" anymore and I am more confident in presentation as well.
Thanks Lindsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jeannie, Investec Trust, Operational Manager

"I truly recommend Lindsey to everyone who would like to learn English. I wish she had been my first English teacher. She is very experienced in knowing non-native speakers' typical accents. I used to be on some British media and I was able to improve my elocution with her teaching"
Takashi Saito, Investment Director, Scottish Widows Investment Partnership

"I had 3 months of one-to-one lessons with Lindsey in 2006, which turned out very rewarding. I’m not naturally a quick language learner and have some bad habits from the past. Although I’ve been taught English in school for many years, I still couldn’t get hold of the proper way of English speaking. As known, bad habits are hard to break. Lindsey however was not only very patient to correct me every time but also very professionally and preciously pointed out the mistakes, which I’ve been very grateful about. Although inevitably the lessons came to an end, I still remember her comments and put those tips into practice every day. I hope her teaching will be beneficial to anyone who is like me and being struggling to improve their English speaking but can’t find a good tutor."
Longchaun Xu, UBS, London 

"Although I'm not, some would occasionally take me for a native speaker of English for a while. Unfortunately, I knew that something was always giving me away, but I could never quite put my finger on it. Lindsey's helped me tremendouly! I've been taking lessons with her since August 2016 and since then I've gained confidence and skilled in word linking, English speech rhythm, intonation and stress pattern. Having a slight speech impairment, I thought I could never get much better than I was then, but Lindsey proved me wrong! Being myself a teacher and as a Linguist, I've got to say that Lindsey's lessons are always thorougly prepared, tailor-made and her linguistic stategies are amazingly effective. Lindsey is so incredibly nice and friendly that she makes you feel comfortable and relaxed immediately (not an easy task when you are as restless as I am :). Last but not least, She's very flexible : though we were only supposed to touch on speaking matters, grammar questions have also been raised, discussed and quickly resolved. You need to be prepared to work regularly ( I work about 4 hours a week), but if you do, you'll improve dramatically with Lindsey's help."
Stephan, Teacher, Geneva