New Zealand Accent - Diphthongs

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T h u m b n a i l   i m a g e 

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New Zealand Accent - Diphthongs.  »Click here to see the simple vowels.

                    bay                    why                      boy                   near         
       tour                where           home               now       

Click the following links to see the diphthongs of these accents of English:

British (Received Pronunciation) British (London Cockney) British (London area)
American (General/Midwest) American (West Coast) American (North East)
American (Deep South) New York (Bronx) British (Northern Ireland)
British(Scotland) Irish (southern) British (Manchester/Mancunian)
British (Liverpool/Scouse) British (Newcastle/Geordie) British (South Wales)
New Zealand English Australian English South African English
Indian Accent French Accent Brazilian Accent

To study the sounds in more detail please visit  English Pronunciation.

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